Ardex X 7

20kg bag

- White cement-based tile adhesive, low VOC
- High performance thin bed mortar
- Weather resistant

B.A.T Aluminium Angle

8mm, 10mm and 11mm in 3m lengths

We stock all three sizes in Mill Finish and 10mm in White Powder Coat Finish

Westbuild General Purpose Prime

12kg bucket

Adhesion promotor for hard to bond substrates, rapid drying for a faster overcoat, prevents air bubbles rising from the sub floor,
Consolidates dusty or powdery surfaces prior to overcoating, Low VOC, Solvent free, Orange in colour for ease of application

Westbuild Wet Area Waterproofing

15kg bucket

Permanently flexible
Fast recoat and drying times
Low VOC content

POLYweb Reinforcing Bandage

100mm x 50m

Polyweb is a non-woven, rot-proof polyester strong, flexible fabric designed to reinforce liquid waterproof membranes to form a strong, integrated membrane sheet.
Polyweb will enhance the tensile strength, tear resistance, crack bridging and puncture resistance of membranes.

C26 Grout Cleaner

1 litre

Commercial strength grout haze remover
High strength formulation
No scrubbing

Westbuild Easy Screed

20kg Bag

Easy Screed Mix is a factory prepared blend of premium dried sands and general purpose cement to form a premixed flooring screed designed for consistent performance and ease of use.

Westbuild Ultra Grip

20kg Bag

ULTRA GRIP is a water resistant cement–based, high polymeric content-fortified wall and floor tile adhesive. It is formulated to produce a higher bond strength suitable for fixing all types of tiles, including dense bodied and fully vitrified tiles over sound substrates without the need for liquid additives.
Suitable for tiles installed in permanently damp or wet applications, including swimming pools, shower enclosures, bathrooms, ponds and water features.

Ardex Grout Booster

4 litres

Water based polymer grout improver.
Provides increased adhesion to dense tile edges and in heavy pedestrian traffic areas
Ideal for swimming pools and reducing efflorescence
Ratio: 10kg grout to 4L grout booster

Floor Waste


Floor Grate designed for tile insert – as depicted
Chrome Finish w/Brass connect

Ardex Grout

5kg Bag

Ardex FSDD & FG8 - in stock in a wide range of colours

Westbuild Mastic

20kg Bag

Exceptional Workability with Micro fibre technology with High Polymeric Content, suitable for refined porcelain and eramic tiles
Non Slump & extended open time